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Warning : Before you take out car insurance, you MUST READ this …

Vehicle Insurance should be about choice. But there are auto insurers who don’t let you chose who repairs your vehicle!

If you choose the wrong insurer you may lose the opportunity to decide what happens to your car after an accident. The problem with car insurance is you only know you’ve chosen the wrong Insurer when you need them most – and then it’s too late.

For most people, their car is their most important asset after their home. If their car is involved in an accident, they care about how it is repaired and they care about who repairs it.

Some insurance companies say you are able to choose your repairer, but effectively exclude you from the repair process. They dictate who repairs your car. They dictate how it will be repaired, where it will be repaired, when it will be repaired and the price.

Did you know some insurers require that your damaged vehicle be towed to an Assessment Centre far removed from your premises for competitive tendering? Then the insurer allocates the job to a repairer of their choice. These insurers have taken away your control over what happens to your car.

Other insurance companies allow you the opportunity to choose the repairer you wish to deal with. They are prepared to negotiate a fair price for a quality job by a repairer of your choice. These insurers respect the fact that you paid the premium and give you the opportunity to decide the fate of your car.

There is often only a relatively small difference between the premiums of different insurers. There can, however, be a very large difference between the way your car is repaired.

Don’t find you have been unlucky twice over:

  • Unlucky your car was in an accident
  • Unlucky you have an insurer who takes away your choice of the repairer

The Accredited Body Repairers who are members of the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) can assist you with information on insurance companies who will give you the freedom to choose your repairer.

You may find an insurer will say that you have not lost the freedom to choose your repairer. But have you? They can make it very hard for you to exercise any choice by adopting the following tactics. They will tell you:

  • They can’t guarantee the repair
  • They will delay your repairs and settlement
  • They will cash settle you for the lowest quote, but you are then on your own in getting your car repaired
  • They may even threaten to cancel your insurance policy

If the above has happened to you, you have lost your freedom of choice.

These are all tactics adopted by some insurers against motorists who try to have their car repaired by their preferred repairer, tactics designed to stop you exercising choice; to pressure you into doing what the insurer wants.

The solution? If you want the opportunity to decide what happens to your car:

Before you take out or renew your car insurance policy confirm that:

In the event of an accident, the insurer you are considering will assess and repair at the premises of your preferred repairer at a fair and reasonable negotiated price.

If you are not satisfied with the answer, ask your Accredited Repairer for advice as to which insurance companies will give you real freedom of choice.

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